Well our LED Board can be use for many thing's. For example It can be use to write funny things on it or to set reminders or can be a simple drawing board to draw on and have nice cool LEDs lighting it up! Not only that it can also be use as a night light for when your sleeping at night, it will be easy to see during the night since the light can be bright or if you so choose it can also be a dim light.

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Different Colors!

Our LED Board has at least 7 colors to choose from starting from Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Cyan, Yellow and white it can also be a dim light so it's not that bright to hurt your eyes. To change the color all you have to do is click a simple button on the wire it plugs into. However you need to manually click the button in order for it to change it's color.

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We want you guys to have a fun time with our product!!

Me a my partner want you guys to have the best and funny times with friends with our product. Not only that it will be great if you guys can help us out with our dream to becoming a successful online business. It will mean the world to us if you guys can help us out. Hope you guys enjoy!!